Bud Financial Teams With Google To Provide Insights From Transaction Data

Bud Financial uses AI and transactional data in retail banking and wealth management to provide advice and prompts to customers, to measure a customer’s risk and also monitor risk across a financial institution’s portfolio.

Based in the UK, Bud Financial takes advantage of open banking regulation to access customer data. It is also in Australia and New Zealand and has a presence in Europe and is entering the US market. In the UK and other countries with strong open banking regulation, Bud Financial helps banks link internal and external data sources to build a picture of a customer.

In the U.S. it is helping banks understand customers through their transactions. When Bud Financial was getting started in 2017, they found a lot of banks who planned to build a version of this, a platform that could understand and classify transactions at scale.

But the problem turned out to be more difficult than anticipated, said Edward Maslaveckas, the CEO of Bud Financial.

“There are so many different machines that this data is on and they don't talk to each other. We haven’t come across a bank that has fully leveraged their data.”

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