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Revolutionizing Banking

Launching January 27, 2024, NEO ONE is the seamless fusion of crypto and fintech, offering 
unparalleled financial convenience and innovation.


Digital Banking

With no income or deposit requirements, BancaNEO is the bank account for all.
One account, one card, one App.


Discover the NEO VISA Card – your gateway to a seamless financial experience. This innovative card bridges the gap between your cryptocurrency needs and everyday fiat transactions. With integrations like Google Pay, Apple Pay, virtual IBAN, and the cutting-edge Lightning Network, the NEO VISA Card merges the world of crypto with traditional banking effortlessly.

Empowering Over 1 Million Users Globally with Trust and Innovation


NEO CREDIT (NRT) – Embrace Financial Innovation

Experience the future of finance with NEO CREDIT (NRT), a revolutionary utility token empowering seamless transactions and enhanced accessibility within the My NEO Group ecosystem.

Explore the potential of NRT and join us in shaping the next generation of financial technology.

The group

Embark on a journey of innovation and empowerment with My NEO Group, a dynamic collective 
of cutting-edge ventures shaping the future of finance, technology, and beyond.

Research & Development Excellence

Explore the cutting-edge solutions provided by NEO Tech Labs, offering comprehensive 
technical support for the My NEO Group Ecosystem. Our services include managing 
clients’ servers using Linux Virtual Private Servers and tier 3 data centers.

Empowering Education: Crypto Academy

Dive into the fundamentals of crypto, blockchain, FinTech, and DeFi markets with NEO Education. Our academy elucidates every facet of the NEO ecosystem, empowering users with comprehensive knowledge and understanding.

Exceptional Customer Support

Experience unparalleled customer support at My NEO Group. Access a myriad of digital 
services and enhance your user experience within the NEO ecosystem. Engage with us via 
chat, Telegram, or email in Italian, English, or Spanish.

Start-Up Incubator:
Igniting Innovation

Our start-up incubator is a catalyst for innovation in the Crypto, DeFi, and FinTech sectors. 
Whether you have an idea to promote or seek funding as a Crowd-Funder, our incubator, powered by My NEO Group, brings together supply and demand to nurture groundbreaking ventures.

Gas and
Utility Token Innovation

NEO Credit (NRT) serves as the utility token for our ecosystem applications. Powered by 
the BNB Chain protocol from Binance, NRT utilizes the BEP-20 smart contract to facilitate transactions and maintain accurate balances within user accounts.

Pioneering Web Development

NEO Labs stands as a trusted name in web application development, spearheading innovation for businesses of all scales.
Our expertise enables swift software solution launches while significantly reducing time and expenses compared to traditional developers.

NEO Dash:
Your All-in-One Solution

NEO Dash integrates fintech services and online shopping into an all-in-one solution, offering SEPA, SWIFT, Multi-currency IBAN, and up to 50% cash back on bookings.

Cash Back Rewards!

Plan your next adventure and receive up to 50% cash back in Euro when you book with us.
Whether it’s a dream vacation, business trip, or weekend getaway, enjoy discounted prices and exclusive cash back offers that surpass those of public sites.

Instant Crypto Loans
with NEO Finance

Maximize your assets with instant crypto loans from NEO Finance. Don’t let market volatility deter you – harness it to your advantage. NEO Loan offers a sustainable, transparent, and secure cryptocurrency lending service with no monthly interest payments.

Telegram BOT
for Swap Trading

Seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly on Telegram with our user-friendly BOT. 
Available for both smartphone and computer desktop apps, our BOT supports over 380 cryptocurrencies with no registration, KYC, or hidden fees. Experience hassle-free swap 
trading at your fingertips.

Secure and Scalable Crypto Wallet Solutions

Safeguard your digital assets with our highly secure and scalable crypto wallet solution.
Offering the perfect balance between ease of use and security, our digital wallet integrates seamlessly with multiple blockchains and features a key recovery system for added peace of mind.

Solid Partner in Empowering Business Success

Neo Family stands as a beacon of support for businesses navigating the complexities of the digital age. With premier IT and business consulting services, they empower organizations to thrive in today’s ever-evolving landscape. From tailored solutions to expert guidance, Neo Family delivers excellence at every turn, ensuring clients achieve their goals and drive sustainable growth.

My NEO Group

Empowering Tomorrow, Today.

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