Lightspark has announced the launch of the Lightspark Wallet SDK, a tool designed to enable businesses of all sizes the ability to offer their customers a Lightning wallet. According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, Lightspark aims to make the Lightning Network more accessible and mainstream, ensuring that payments are open, secure and instant.

The press release explained that the Lightspark Wallet SDK is the result of careful consideration of businesses’ needs and feedback from customers. The SDK is tailored for seamless usage by businesses of all sizes and stages, the company stated, with easy integration and the ability to add unique UI and brand identity. It aims to simplify the complexity of Lightning payments, allowing businesses to focus on building exceptional user experiences without worrying about technical intricacies such as setting up channels and rebalancing liquidity.

The SDK also incorporates Lightspark Predict, which offers low latency, high payment success rates, and low costs, ensuring reliable and capital-efficient Lightning payments, according to the press release. By leveraging Lightspark Predict, the release explained, businesses gain better connectivity to the wider Lightning Network, enhancing reliability and certainty when sending and receiving Lightning payments.

Also highlighted by the company, were recent partnerships which proved the growing adoption of Lightning amongst businesses. Xapo Bank became the first bank to integrate with the Lightning Network via Lightspark, allowing its members to pay for small purchases with bitcoin directly, without converting to USD first.

In addition, Lightspark highlighted partnerships with Rain, the largest crypto-asset platform in the MENA region, which is enabling its users to execute real-time bitcoin transactions using Lightspark, and Flexa, a digital commerce integration provider that has leveraged Lightspark “to help businesses navigate to the next era of commerce.”


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