About US

Who We Are?

My NEO Group has over 200 collaborators working in more than 12 countries, representing over 16 nationalities. We are scientists, engineers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and specialists from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared vision of protecting freedom, online privacy and financial freedom.

Company & Licence

The project works with several companies worldwide in order to operate according to the regulations of each legislation in which My NEO Group platforms are available. My NEO Group operates in compliance with diligent international standards for conducting its operations under the Anti Money Laundering (AML) Framework, and through its Know Your Customer (KYC) and Digital Asset/Fiat Transaction Monitoring procedures.

Vision & Mission

My NEO Group vision is a world in which we can use cryptocurrencies as our primary money. To do this, our mission is to create tools to use them in our daily life.

The project is to build an ecosystem of products that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies and services, that allow clients to pay with cryptocurrencies and business to accept them.

The popularity of the crypto world is increasing, but the usability is still low: it is still not possible to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life. They remain a type of money for only a small group of people, and are seen mostly as speculative assets. My NEO Group wants to change this, and make its contribution to the worldwide mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.



Empowering Innovation: Our Game-Changing DEV Team!

My NEO Group’s Team Interview



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